is a way to create custom templates without leaving your browser!

Protemplater is a browser-based IDE that simplifies the process of web development. Editor can be run in any modern browser.

Our code editor offers real "What You See Is What You Get" experience. As we believe that in perfect environment, web-developer doesn't have to switch attention between IDE and preview, we've implemented live code preview across different platform, browsers and even devices.

Another core aspect of IDE Protemplater is a built-in support for structuring HTML & CSS code. For this we've created chunks mechanism, so that user can store and manipulate repeated blocks of code across the project.

This IDE facilitates usage of popular technologies like LESS css, it has built-in support for variables and mixins

And even more features are coming soon ...

Live preview

Project's changes can be previewed, tracked and verified across all platforms & devices. Furthermore, now its needles to constantly reload pages and drop cache - it is done automatically upon explicit project save

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Improved LESS css support

While relying on the strongest features of Less CSS, we added some handy extra functionality that can help any developer to navigate through Less code better. Also Protemplater provides extra support for Less variables.

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Chunks mechanism

Probably you've noticed how annoying it is to apply the same code changes to every page in the project. In Protemplater this issue is solved by using HTML-chunks. Updates in HTML-chunk are immediately implemented across the project

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Mobile preview

What is more important changes can be conveniently checked not only on desktop browser but mobile browsers too

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Nice toolbox

We're constantly improving our tool set. Right now we provide handy media explorer based on Dropbox API and design reference compare tool . Color picker, ruler, grids and many more features are coming soon

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Web inspector

We've also included a custom web explorer tool. This feature is indispensable when you need to traverse a complicated HTML structure. It makes possible not to get lost within hundreds lines of code

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Based on our experience in web development , we've implemented most solid and reliable frameworks, APIs and technologies

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